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CellLabs® was established in the year 2004 and launched numerous of its own health and beauty supplements; with flagship products that include the Sheep Placenta ranges. Engaging in the philosophy of ‘Adding Years To Life’, CellLabs® has worked diligently to develop products that are consistent with global trends while adapting them to suit the product and packaging needs of local markets. It is also involved in research and development to develop innovative products and remain competitive. Good health is vital to all of us, and here at CellLabs®, we work on bringing sustainable solutions to the most pressing health & beauty challenges of our world. That’s why we at CellLabs® are committed to develop and market the best quality health & beauty care products to enhance and improve health and well-being at every stage of life.  Most CellLabs® products have full heavy metals and hormone tests by international recognized firms like Health Singapore Authority (HSA), and the recently concluded Acute Toxicity Test, which gives renewed hope and confidence to our customers. CellLabs® has over the years grown from strength and now commands a major lion’s share of the sheep placenta market in Malaysia, and making headways in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China.

Our Vision

By bringing you the latest in health, beauty, and nutritional science, we will advance the practice of health care to new frontiers. At CellLabs®, we believe in “Adding Years To Life”. Over the years, this company has endured the storm to be where it is today. Our products can be found in all leading pharmacies, both independent and chain pharmacies, and selected clinics. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable products and services to the people who need them. We continue to do strong brand awareness for our company as well as our products through our on-going advertisement campaigns.
  1. To focus our efforts on the overall health of our customers and to provide the purest and top quality products to the market.
  2. To create a conducive working culture for our employees which believes in ‘Honesty is the best policy’.

Our Mision

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Science & Technology

A program that ensures all medicinal products are maintained for its quality & stability during their entire market shelf life.

Good Practices & Awards

regulatory requirements & fit for consumption when it reaches the consumers.

About Us

CellLabs - Your Anti-aging Specialist.

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Introducing Cellgen Lifesciences (M) Sdn Bhd

Our story begins with Datuk Ng See Hein, a pharmacist by profession. His vision is to help you live happier and healthier lives. Since our foundation, our team has been committed to giving you products with exceptional quality and reliable results. We are committed to providing products that help you achieve your desired lifestyle while giving you value for your money. Your trust in us matters.

Since CellLabs was established in 2004, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with high-quality, tightly controlled dietary supplements. Beginning with our signature CellLabs Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Oil, we are now the owner of numerous patents for dietary supplements made with one philosophy in mind – “Adding Years to Life.”

Our team is committed to developing innovative, effective, affordable products to enrich your life. With CellLabs ‘s research-based approach, we are one step closer to helping you achieve your natural health and beauty goals with every innovation. We go the extra mile to ensure all our products are tested and certified by relevant authorities for your ease of mind.


Rooted in our philosophy of “Adding Years to Life,” our vision is to revolutionize the health industry by providing well-grounded, innovative, effective, affordable, and above all else, ethical solutions to your needs. Our team believes that health is the greatest wealth and should be the foundation of life.


We focus on delivering reliable solutions to enhance your health and well-being to achieve our vision. We make it our mission to develop the purest and top-quality products in the market with your ease of mind at the center of it all. To achieve this, we also ensure that our team is always treated with respect so that we can give you our best.

CellLabs- Your Premium Anti-Aging Dietary Supplements

Our dietary supplements undergo rigorous research and development, beginning from their raw material selection to the manufacturing process. We practice due diligence and proper scientific methodology so that each product you purchase is best suited for your needs.

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Acute Toxicity

Heavy Metal


Hormones and
Steroids Test

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Accreditation & Awards

  • Vietnam 2017


  • Golden Eagle Award 2014

    Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprises

  • SME 100 Awards 2014

    Fast Moving Companies

  • Top Choice 2014

    Anti-Ageing Supplement

  • Functional Beauty Drink

    Top Choice 2014

  • Sheep Placenta Supplement

    Top Choice 2014


  • Rejuvenating Supplement

    Top Choice 2016

  • Sheep Placenta Supplement

    Top Choice 2016

  • Functional Drink

    Top Choice 2016

  • Wellness Anti Ageing Supplement 2012


  • Celllabs Placenta Forte Plus

    Cite Cosme Beauty Awards

  • Celllabs HBF Detox

    Cite Cosme Beauty Awards

  • Grand Final 2017

    Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen

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