Image of detox drink with broccoli, ginger, and lemon as ingredients overlaid by a hand scribbling the word "detox" as blog banner for "Why You Should Detox".

Why You Should Detox Your Body

There are many detox drinks and supplements available in the market, but is detoxing really necessary? Read on to see…

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Image of the different food sources of a Mediterranean diet for CellLabs' blog on its benefits.

The Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

CellLabs Oxxynovia 6,000 is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, one of the world’s healthiest diets of all time. Learn…

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Image of women questioning with background of post-it notes as banner for blog on sheep placenta side effects and misconceptions.

Sheep Placenta: Side Effects and Misconceptions

Worried about sheep placenta side effects and other rumors on the web? Let us clear your misunderstanding and worries. Read…

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Collage of woman working, stretching, smiling, and sleeping as a banner for other uses of sheep placenta.

Sheep Placenta: Alternative Uses

Sheep placenta is known for its anti-aging and hormone-balancing properties. But do you know it can also boost your energy…

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