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Exclusive!!! Fairer Skin Tone Shades in Just 2 Weeks!


Ingredients Weight Per. Cap
L-Glutathione 150mg
Ascorbic Acid 125mg
Haematococcus Pluvialis extract (5:2)
Astaxanthin 2%
(Providing Astaxanthin 1mg)

Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone – How It’s Form?

Active Ingredients Functions

5 Key Benefits

Did you know?

Pill containing glutathione alone hardly increase the body’s glutathione level? This is due to the digestive system breaking down the ingested glutathione & it will not be absorbed into your system at significant level. Therefore, addition of vitamin C is essential to prevent Glutathione from being oxidized and this will raise the production of glutathione in the body.

Whiten Your Skin Inside Out, Naturally!


 The UV Defender

  • Penetrates deep into all skin layers
  • Provides potent protection against the sun UV
  • Support skin health, cardiovascular, joint & eye health       

 The Melanin Inhibitor 

  • Must be in reduced form to perform its activity
  • Maximize the activity of other antioxidants
  • Inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin production

The Skin Lightener 

  • Vitamin C is a must in the presence of L-Glutathione
  • Helps to maintain L-Glutathione level in reduced state
  • Fights free radical that causes skin darkening

How to use:

Take 2 capsules twice daily on empty stomach. The effectiveness is difference by individual performance. Averagely, visible change in skin colour is observed within 2 weeks.

** For walk in purchase, Ast-Glu-C is only available at Caring Pharmacy