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A Healthier & Slender Figure

Are you ready for a transformation? Healthy weight loss is about an ongoing lifestyle changes that include healthy eating and exercise habits. However, it requires a strong commitment and self- discipline especially if you love foods yet planning to lose weight.

Worry No More with Revolutionary Fat Blocker

CellLabs Ezy Block™ is specially formulated to counteract overweight problem caused by excessive fat intake from foods. When it comes to weight loss, number on the weighing scale is not the best way to meausre progress. CellLabs Ezy Block™ aim to reduce body fat, the main indicator to body health.

On your journey to achieve ideal body weight, CellLabs Ezy Block™ reduce fat and calories intake from foods. Synergistic action of natural plant-based ingredients also effectively break down stubborn fat around the blly, hips, waist, thigh and visceral fat surrounding internal organs. 

What happens when you take CellLabs Ezy Block™?

Synergistic Approch to Fat & Weight Loss

CellLabs Ezy Block™ is made from 100% natural plant ingredients including Cactus fruit extract, Garcinia cambogia extract and dietary fiber from oat bran and corn to promote healthy weight loss. Advanced manufacturing process is used to capture the most effective fat blocking compounds of each plant ingredients, making them highly potent and works best in reducing body fat.

4 Targeted Actions towards A Slender Figure

Blocking the Fat

Binds with the excessive fat from foods to form large viscous gel which is difficult to be absorbed by the gut. This undigested fat then passed out of the body through bowel movement, so you absorb fewer fat and calories from what you eat.

Burning the Fat

Futher blocking the formation of new body fat by inhibiting citrate lyase, an enzyme that converts carbohydrate into fat. Plus, it increases body metabolism to accelerate the fat burning process.

Curbing the Hunger

Reduces appetite by increasing serotonin levels, the important brain signal that control you from overeating. Plus, it is rich in dietary fiber that promotes a feeling of fullness.

Detoxifying the Body

Finally, it removes body wastes and water retention to reduce bloated feeling and puffiness.

  • Reduce fat & calories intake
  • Block formation & accumulation of body fat
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Burn off stubborn fat around belly, waist, hip and thigh area
  • Reduce weight & body fat
  • Promote regular bowel movement to prevent constipation
  • Promote detoxification
  • Support healthy cholesterol & glucose

CellLabs Ezy Block™ comes in handy sachet that you can enjoy anywhere. 

Perfect choice for:

General Recommendation:

Take 1 sachet twice daily. Mix with 200ml water. Served chilled for delicious taste.


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