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Longan juice powder, Red date juice powder and EstroG-100 (Cynanchum Wilfordii, Phlomis Umbrosa and Angelica Gigas Nakai)

“EzyFemin-100 is available exclusively at your nearest gynaecologists & clinics only.”


Proven Safety In Clinical Studies

· Safety in clinical studies

· No binding affinity to Estrogen receptor α and β, cancer inhibitory

· Safe in acute & multi-dose toxicity tests, genetic toxicity tests

· Inhibition of proliferation of human breast cancer cell (MCF-7)

Why EzyFemin-100 ?

· 3 extracts from plants with 400 years of documented use in Korea

· 18 patents worldwide · Approved by US, Canadian & Korean authorities as a safe food ingredient

· Safety in human clinical studies

· No serious adverse effect

· No change in body weight

Risk of Conventional Menopausal Treatment

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

A major US sponsored (National Institute of Health) study of the risks and benefits of HRT in 16,000 healthy menopausal women was stopped early (5th year out of supposedly 8.5 years) due to the increased risk of :

• Breast Cancer (26%)

• Stroke (41%) 

• Coronary Heart Disease (29%)              

• Venous Thromboembolic Disease(100%)
• Total Cardiovascular Disease (22%)

Black Cohosh

• Liver Toxicity
As of October 2012, 36 out of 53 case reports related to black cohosh involved liver problems, including abnormal liver function, jaundice & hepatitis; MHRA has asked to add warning labels to the products (U.K MHRA, 2012)


• Potential Tumorigenic / Carcinogenic

Carcinogenic - any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer

Tumorigenic - capable of forming or tending to form tumours.

(Toxicology and carcinogenesis Study of Genistein, National Toxicology Program, Dec 2007)

EzyFemin-100 - Hormone-Free, Estrogen-Free, Soy-Free

A leading-edge ingredient backed by both research and tradition that contains extracts from three plants (Phlomis umbrosa, Angelica gigas Nakai, and Cynanchum wilfordii) with a long history of use in Asia.

Medical Benefits

1. Cynanchum Wilfordii : traditionally used for centuries to promote healthy aging, enhance vitality and protect liver cells.

2. Phlomis Umbrosa Root : has been used as the traditional medicine as it has significant antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory (antinociceptive: reducing sensitivity to painful stimuli)

3. Angelica Gigas Nakai : has been traditionally used to treat women’s ailments that are caused by impairment of menstrual blood flow and cycle irregularities.

Citation: 1. 2. tract 3. J Med Food. 2012 Oct; 15(10): 863–872. (doi: 10.1089/jmf.2011.2047)

*Open label clinical study by Kim Jung Moon Aloe for 4 weeks.