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Passion Fruit Juice Powder, Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), Grape Extract and Blueberry Extract. 

Don't forget anymore!

Once we hit late 20s, the brain's aging process begins. Start guarding your brain as early as possible to keep your memory intact and minimize the risk of aged-related memory loss, one of the greatest fears as people grow older.

Breakthrough Formulation:

Unlocking Your Brain Full Potential

CellLabs Memo-X is exclusively formulated with the award winning patented ingredient from France, Memophenol to support brain performance, cognitive function and improve memory. 

Backed up with extensive research in neuroscience, CellLabs Memo-X contains highly bioavailable flavonoids from French grape and wild blueberry extracts, which are uniquely combined for synergistic and strongest action on the brain. The fruits were not selected randomly. Studies have proven that flavonoids from wild blueberry extract combined with flavonoids from French Grape are better absorber than when taken alone or in combination with other fruit extracts.

A Complete Mechanism of Action on Brain

Active metabolites from CellLabs Memo-X are capable of crossing blood brain barrier and highly bioavailable in brain tissue thanks to the low molecular weight. It improves learn and memory by:

With CellLabs Memo-X, you will have more new neurons with connections, which make up the complex network in brain. More neurons means better information tranmission.
With CellLabs Memo-X, you will have better synaptic plasticity which determines your neuron communications efficiency. When your neurons communicate well, you receive information better.

CellLabs Memo-X: 100% Scientific based Memory Solution

The active ingredient in CellLabs Memo-X has been evaluated in a randomized double-blind clinical study. It has shown clinical evidences on cognitive performance.

  • Increase short term memory by 60%
  • Improve learning capacity by 50%
  • Reverse up to 10 years of cognitive age
  • Minimize memory loss
  • Boost student's concentration, memory, learning & intellectual
  • Experience noticeable, long lasting support to their memory & overall cognitive functions

Keeping Memory Sharp at Any Age

Whether you are a hard working student, a businessman with important deadlines to meet or even someone who wants to stay away from the 'foggy' feeling, then CellLabs Memo-X is for you.

Innovation for Your Brain

  • French innovation with strong R&D background
  • Supported by intensive-4 year international research program
  • Clinically proven to improve cognitive performances, preventing the onset of memory loss and improving memory operations
  • Contains the same amount of active ingredients as in clinical study in 2 sachets
  • Added with Isomaltulose, a low GI carbohydrate provides long lasting fuel to brain, better brain fuel the glucose

Direction of Usage

Mix with 200ml water. Served chilled for delicious taste.


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