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Longan juice powder, Red date juice powder, EstroG-100 (Cynanchum Wilfordii, Phlomis Umbrosa and Angelica Gigas Nakai) and Pycnogenol® pine bark extract.


Age at menopause: 51.7 (average)
—1900's: life expectancy at 40 yrs old
—1950's: life expectancy at 65 yrs old
—2000's: life expactancy at 83 yrs old

(Malaysian women 75.4 yrs  old)

Menopause Symptoms

The top 3 most common menopausal symptoms experienced by Malaysian women

◦Reduced sex drive


The greatest impact in life come from symptoms such as
◦arthritis pains
◦followed closely by lack of physical fitness / fatigue

100% Botanical blends from EstroG-100 + Pycnogenol Pine bark

Dual Action Pycno-Femin 100 combines 2 revered patented botanical extracts that provides multiple benefits on menopause symptoms relief: Maritime French Pine Bark Pycnogenol (with over 300 studies) and research grade Korean Estro G100 (3 herbs with 400 years of documented usage). Featuring with exact active dosage as clinical studies, Pycnogenol delivers powerful & fast relieve in menopausal symptoms。

Korean Patented EstroG-100


Estro G is a blend of hot water ectract herbs from Korea Phlomis umbrosa, Cynanchum wilfordii, and Angelica Gigas Nakai (Korean Angelica), all of which have at least 400 years of documented usage and history in Korea. EstroG-100 has significant impact for the relief of 10 out of the 12 most common menopausal symptoms, without any side effects. it shows substantial effects on pre, peri and menopausal symptoms and some women see noticeable improvement within 7-10 days. This is 3 times faster than other natural, botanical based products!

Chang et al. Phytotherapy Res, 26:510-516 (2016)

Lee et al, Journal of Korean Society of menopause, 11(1): 16-26 (2005)

French Patented Pcynogenol Pine Bark 

Pynogenol French Maritime Pine Bark is one of the most well research ingredients available worldwide with more than 300 scientific publications on health benefits. it is proven to significantly sooth menopausal symptoms by improving endothelial function, allowing arteries to expand, thereby radiate off excess heat. Pcynogenol was found to significantly improve night sweat and hot flushes, sleeping disorder, anxiety, menstrual pain & vaginal dryness. it improves quality of life of most women without exerting any side effect.


- Combination of 400 years of documented Korea plants (EstroG-100) and Pycnogel Pine Bark extract from France 

- Approved by U. S, Canadian & Korea authorities as a safe food ingredients

- More than 18 patents worldwide

- Safety in human clinical studies

- No serious adverse effect

- No change in body weight

- Works 6 times faster than other herbal remedy

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