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Did You Know? Our Skin Is Replaced Once Every 4 Weeks.


Passionfruit juice powder, Rose stem cell, Apple stem cell, Grape stem cell and Argan stem cell.

Our skin has to be constantly renewed throughout our lives. It relies on a host of different stem cells to keep it in good shape. The skin needs to cope with a lot of wear and tear daily, eg: chemical exposure, physical stresses or exposure to sunlight. Therefore, the skin has to be able to repair itself efficiently. This has to rely on skin stem cells which are responsible for constant renewal of the skin.

Epidermis Layer Skin stem cells resides

However the population of epidermal
stem cells can become depleted due
to aging. The skin becomes thinner,
lifeless, dull, haggard and dry.

Scientists Turned To Plants For
The Answer

• Plant stem cells involved in growth and
  repair processes.
• Plant stem cells contain antioxidant activity
  proven to protect skin stem cells.
• Plant stem cells maintain the balance of
  skin cells within the skin tissues with
  constant tissue regeneration.
• Plant stem cells delay the appearance
  of skin aging signs.

As stem cells divide, they yield millions of new skin cells - creating healthy, younger looking skin

• Decreased wrinkles appearance
• Improved skin hydration
• Oral sun protection / fight against harmful radiation
• Lightens age spot

Swiss Apple Malus Domestica

- Famous for its long storage capability
- Rich in phytonutrients and long living cells that help in delaying the chronological aging of skin epidermal cells

French Grape Solar Vitis

- Rich in tannins and anthocyanin
- Excellent to protect skin epidermal stem cells against UV stress

Moroccan Argan

- Argan trees are resistance against harsh conditions like drought and heat
- Significantly reduce wrinkles up to 26%

Bulgarian Damask Rose

- 40 years of study at Tokyo University
- Remarkably increase cells’ turnover by 124% for newer skin layer

Combination of 4 plants’ stem cells in the market

• 100% Patented plants stem cells with intensive
   research & studies done
• Comprehensive formula from Swiss and Japan
• Promote new cell growth for firm and radiant youthful
  beauty skin
• Convenience: no mixture or blending required
• Suitable for vegans

Weakening and low production of Collagen fibers, which cause the onset of wrinkles. Quadruple Stem Cells boosts collagen fibers & work as anti-wrinkles specialist.

Quadruple stem cells support your skin’s health and beauty with plants’ stem cells. Try Quadruple stem cells for wonder effects!!



- Excellent in reducing wrinkles, fine lines & age spots


- Protects skin against cold, dryness & stress 


- Enhances turnover of skin epidermal layer for youthful looking skin

** For walk in purchase, Quadruple Stem Cells is only available at Caring Pharmacy.