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Active Ingredients

Ingredients Weight Per. Cap
Ovine Placenta Concentrate (120:1)
(Equivalent to Placenta Fresh 15,000mg)
Olive Fruit Extract (300:1) 50mg
Grape Seed Oil 200mg
Haematococcus Pluvialis Powder
(Equivalent to Astaxanthin: 2mg)
Pine Bark Extract (60:1) 100mg
Sodium Hyaluronate
(Equivalent to Hyaluronic Acid: 20mg)
Lycopene 4mg

OPAL is one of the most spectacular gemstones. A single stone can flash every colour of the spectrum with an intensity & quality of colour that can surpass the "fire" of the diamond. The best OPALS can command prices per carat that rival the most expensive diamonds, rubies & emeralds. The mines of Australia produce at least 90% of the world precious OPAL.

With the breakthrough technology being employ to extract the frozen dry pure sheep placenta to retain the precious nutrients, CellLabs OPAL GS Sheep Placenta 15000mg is resembled the valuable OPAL gemstone, nourishing yet extravagance.   

The upgraded formula of CellLabs Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Oil Plus (formerly known as 15000mg), containing state of the art enteric coated capsules with a blend of powerful 6 times anti-oxidants to create the perfect cellular rejuvenating oral supplement that shows promising result in fighting against premature and chronological aging. 

Only The Best CellLabs OPAL GS Sheep Placenta 15000mg

OPAL GS 15000mg, Fresh Sheep Placenta - The Perfect Blend 



Olive Fruit Extract:

Contains remarkable source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrient. A good source of dietary fibre, cooper, iron and vitamin E

Pine Bark Extract:

Provides OPC, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins which is a strong anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals


It has been known as the world's most powerful antioxidant to reverse the premature sign of ageing.


Act as internal sunscreen to defend against harmful effects of UV radiation


Grape Seed Oil:

Contains active linoleic acid which increase good cholesterol. A potent antioxidant that helps to lighten skin discoloration 

Sheep Placenta:

Extracted from specially breed Lincoln Sheep from New Zealand. Each farm must have a license to prove that the placentas are disease free and chemical free. 

Sodium Hyaluronic:

Powerful humectant that attracts and hold on to water, making it the ultimate skin moisturizer. This help to hydrate skin 

Benefits of CellLabs OPAL GS Sheep Placenta 15,000mg 


Youth Restoration

-Erasing wrinkles & reduces sagging skin

-Reduces pores size

-Lightens pigmentation & freckles   


Hormonal System

-Regulate menstrual cycle

-Improves sleeping quality

-Improves sexual satisfaction 

Regulate & Repair Organ System 

- Promote healthy cardiovascular system

-Cleanse & detoxify digestive system

-Sharpen central nervous system

-Strengthen immune system

-Improves motor system dysfunction 9coordination of strength, muscle tone, movements & reflexes. 

Hair & Nail 

- Helps to repair dry & damage hair

-Stronger & Healthier Nail 

The Higher The Extraction Ratio, The Smaller The Molecular Size, The Finer the Absorption 

Why OPAL GS 15000mg Fresh Sheep Placenta 

1. The highest extraction ratio in the market (120: 1)

2. The smallest molecular size (120 times smaller than ordinary placenta)

3. 7 in 1 high performance active ingredients 

4. Added with hyaluronic acid for extra skin hydration 

5. Optimum dosage of potent multiple antioxidants