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CellLabs® was established in the year 2004 and launched numerous of its own health and beauty supplements; with flagship products that include the Sheep Placenta ranges. Engaging in the philosophy of ‘Adding Years To Life’, CellLabs® has worked diligently to develop products that are consistent with global trends while adapting them to suit the product and packaging needs of local markets. It is also involved in research and development to develop innovative products and remain competitive. Good health is vital to all of us, and here at CellLabs®, we work on bringing sustainable solutions to the most pressing health & beauty challenges of our world. That’s why we at CellLabs® are committed to develop and market the best quality health & beauty care products to enhance and improve health and well-being at every stage of life.  Most CellLabs® products have full heavy metals and hormone tests by international recognized firms like Health Singapore Authority (HSA), and the recently concluded Acute Toxicity Test, which gives renewed hope and confidence to our customers. CellLabs® has over the years grown from strength and now commands a major lion’s share of the sheep placenta market in Malaysia, and making headways in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China.

Our Vision

By bringing you the latest in health, beauty, and nutritional science, we will advance the practice of health care to new frontiers. At CellLabs®, we believe in “Adding Years To Life”. Over the years, this company has endured the storm to be where it is today. Our products can be found in all leading pharmacies, both independent and chain pharmacies, and selected clinics. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable products and services to the people who need them. We continue to do strong brand awareness for our company as well as our products through our on-going advertisement campaigns.
  1. To focus our efforts on the overall health of our customers and to provide the purest and top quality products to the market.
  2. To create a conducive working culture for our employees which believes in ‘Honesty is the best policy’.

Our Mision

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Science & Technology

A program that ensures all medicinal products are maintained for its quality & stability during their entire market shelf life.

Good Practices & Awards

regulatory requirements & fit for consumption when it reaches the consumers.


CellLabs - 您的抗衰老专家

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Cellgen Lifesciences (M) Sdn. Bhd.

我们的故事始于一位药剂师 Datuk Ng See Hein。 他的愿景是帮助您过上更快乐、更健康的生活。 自成立以来,我们的团队一直致力于为您提供卓越品质和效果可靠的产品。 我们努力研发能够帮助您实现理想生活方式的产品,同时让您物有所值。您的信任对我们很重要!

自 2004 年成立以来,我们一直致力于为您提供高品质的营养补助品。 从我们的旗舰产品 CellLabs®羊胎素与葡萄籽油研发开始,我们如今已经成功推出了一系列优质的专利产品,其理念是“延年益寿”。

我们的团队致力于研发创新、有效、价格实惠的产品来满足您的生活需求。 CellLabs® 产品研发基于科学研究为原理,我们距离通过每一项创新帮助您实现自然健康和美丽目标又近了一步。 此外,为了让您放心服用,我们也确保所有产品均经过相关机构的测试和认证。


我们的愿景基于“延年益寿”的理念,我们的愿景是通过提供有科学根据、创新、有效、价格实惠与最重要的是符合道德的营养补助品来满足您的健康需求,从而彻底改变保健品行业。 我们的团队相信健康是最大的财富,健康应该成为生命的基础。


我们专注于提供有效的营养补助品,以提升您的健康和生活质量,从而实现我们的愿景。 我们的使命是研发市场上最纯净、最优质的产品,以您的安心为中心。 为了实现这一目标,我们还确保我们的团队为您提供最好的服务。

CellLabs- 您的优质营养补助品系列









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    Anti-Ageing Supplement

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  • Sheep Placenta Supplement

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  • Sheep Placenta Supplement

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