You can place your order by clicking the Order Now button. You will then be redirected to WhatsApp so you can get in touch with our Customer Service Representative. After that, you will need to;

  1. Fill in the form provided.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Proceed with a recurring monthly payment of RM150/month for a total of eight (8) months. 
  4. You must commit to an initial rental period of 3-months (total of RM450) before deciding whether to own the device or not after. We will stop deductions for the remaining months (5-month) once the device is returned to us.

After you place your order, we will ship the device to the address given in the filled-up form. Once you receive the device, you can use it daily for up to three months. We will follow up with you via WhatsApp and assist you in any way needed.

There are three (3) reasons why your order might get rejected;

  1. We have yet to receive your payment or proof of payment.
  2. You have not agreed to our terms and conditions.
  3. You did not pass our credit evaluation score (via CTOS).

You cannot cancel the order once you start paying the RM150 rental fee. You can only return the product after the rental period ends and stop the following recurring payments; no refund will be awarded for the initial 3-months rental fee.

You can choose to return the device to us within two (2) weeks after your final rental date. We will stop the payment deductions for the following months. Alternatively, you can own the device by paying the remaining balance via monthly installments (RM150/month for the remaining five (5) months or in full RM750).

Please note that the device must be returned to us in good condition. Any damage not covered by the warranty will be considered sold. In this situation, we will continue the recurring payment until the full price of the device is reached (RM1,200).


Only credit and debit cards are accepted for recurring payments under our rent-to-own program.

You must enroll in our auto-debit program at the beginning of your purchase for a total of eight (8) months. If you choose to own the device, we will simply let the deductions continue to run until the total device amount is reached (RM1,200) in the remaining five (5) months. If not, we will simply stop the deductions after the rental period (3-month) ends, and you have already returned the device.

Yes, you can. However, the only changes you can make are to which debit or credit card you want to use for your monthly installments.


If you received a faulty product, let us know via WhatsApp, and we will arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible. However, please note that we will only replace factory defaults. Any damage you incur will require full compensation for the product.

Yes, you will get the full one (1) year product warranty even during your 3-month rental period. Please note that the warranty only covers factory defaults and does not cover external damages incurred caused by negligent use of the product.

If there are any non-warranty covered damages on the product upon return, we will consider it sold and continue the recurring payment until the device is paid in full.


We will ship the product as soon as we receive your proof of payment. The delivery duration is subject to your location and the courier used.

No, you cannot. The courier will be pre-set to CityLink unless absolutely necessary.

We deliver to most parts in Malaysia unless stated otherwise. Here are your expected delivery times based on your location:

  • Klang Valley (Selangor, W.P. Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya): 3-5 working days.
  • West Malaysia: 7 working days.
  • East Malaysia (Road Accessible Locations): 14-21 working days.

Please note that this is only an approximation; external factors might cause delays. Do get in touch with us if you encounter any problems.

Yes, you can do a self-pickup. For self-pickup, please proceed to the following address:


Cellgen Lifesciences Sdn Bhd

Unit 11-8, Level 8, The Boulevard Offices,

Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200, WP Kuala Lumpur.


You are required to bring your proof of payment for purchase verification.