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Getting back in good health with CellLabs

Madam Tham underwent cataract surgery last year. At age 77, the healing process will normally take a much longer period but the wounds on her eyes recovered fast with the help of CLASSaaNTA.

At first, Madam Tham was reluctant to try it as she didn’t really believe placenta could bring health benefits. But after much persuasion, she finally decided to give it a try after the operation.

“I heard about placenta but always feel the placenta pills sold out there are very much commercialized. But after taking CellLabs CLASSaaNTA consistently for a few months, it helped heal my wounds faster and smoothen my skin texture,” said Madam Tham.

Her skin used to have lots of dark spots or blemishes. This was caused by hormonal imbalances as she was also a thyroid patient. But over time after taking CellLabs CLASSaaNTA, her skin condition started to show improvement. Although she is in her 70s, the improvement on her skin makes her look much younger and she could also sleep better.

“During the course of taking placenta, some of my friends and neighbours who visted me kept telling me that my face looked radiant and white. I told them I took placenta,” she said with a smile.

As for Madam Tham, she is retired now and spends much of her time with her granddaughter. To her, staying in good health is her priority now.

“You can have all the money you want in the world but you can’t buy good health. That is why I am more open-minded this time and consume placenta even though in the beginning, I was quite reluctant to do so. CellLabs CLASSaaNTA has certainly helped me. And I will continue taking it,“ she reiterated her point.

Tham Khoon Hye, 77


I was diagnosed with diabetes, hypercholesterolemia & fatty liver problems since I was 30 years old. Since then, I started to take care of my health as I knew health is wealth. I used to take a lot of medications & health supplements in a day. Until recently, I’ve complained to my pharmacist that there was too many pills to take in a day! So, he suggested me to replace all the health supplements with CLASSaaNTA.

After taking this product for 3 months, my glucose level & liver function test improved. The most important thing is I felt more energetic now even working for 12 hours per day. Last but not least, my sexual performance also improved. Thanks to CLASSaaNTA! 

Sugumar S/O Manickam


I believe in the benefits of consuming supplement. I have been taking a lot of supplements such as Vitamins, fish oil, CoQ10, grape seed oil, collagen and others. However, taking too many supplements a day has been a hassle to me.

I was recommended by a pharmacist to replace the daily supplements with CLASSaaNTA and I decided to give it a try. I feel more energetic and I do not feel tired easily. I noticed that my skin texture is finer compared to last time and my face complexion has improved. CLASSaaNTA also helps to reduce fine line & wrinkles and as well as hydrate my skin.

Vadivu Malar Shanti, 51


I was recommended to CLASSaaNTA by a friend. After few weeks of consumption, I’ve noticed a  real difference in my skin & hair!

It revitalizes my skin texture & now my skin is soft, smooth, moisturized & glowing. It has helped to maintain my skin’s collagen & protect against age spot & pigmentation too. On top of that, my hair is less dry & itchy now. My digestive system & blood flow improved as well. I’m very happy with this product! 

Mohamed Hussain Bin Yehya, 71


I’m a person who love to jog & I always joined in marathon competition. Unfortunately, I suffered from joint pain and aching muscles. According to doctor, my joint cartilage is already affected by too much of jogging. Since then, I started to take a lot of supplements including glucosamine chondroitin, MSM, turmeric & even type 2 collagen. Effects from these supplements are inconsistent. This has caused me a lot of trouble especially when I want to participate in marathon, Pharmacist from Loving Pharmacy has recommended me to try CLASSaaNTA. After second pouches, I started to feel different in term of energy & it has helped to reduce my pain & fatigue.

According to the pharmacist, this product helps to repair cartilage tissue in my joints. Now, I took 2 capsules of CLASSaaNTA before marathon, it has helped to improve my stamina & I felt less fatigue. Recently, I won third prize in marathon competition, thanks to CLASSaaNTA!

Nancy Ong, 51


 "I must admit, I have always been a sceptic when it comes to oral beauty supplements, as I have tried some other brands previously and didn't see much difference. However, over the course of work, I had the opportunity to try Miracol 9. This was a turning point for me. 

 I didn't put very high hopes in seeing much effect initially, but after three days of consumption, I must say I was impressed by what I noticed. I had problems with pigmentation and a rough skin texture, compounded by oiliness particularly after pregnancy due to post-natal hormonal changes. I looked tired most of the time as my skin was dull.

After consuming Miracol 9 for three days, I could see my skin texture becoming more refined and the pigmentation beginning to improve. People also commented that my under-eye circles have become much lighter, and I did not look so fatigued. I also found that my complexion has become more even and radiant. 

After a week, the improvements were much more obvious and I found that I did not need foundation or bb cream anymore. I am now much more confident to go outwith a bare face. Also, due to being in an air-conditioned environment most of the time, the skin on my body was also very dry to the point of being itchy. Within the first week of Miracol 9, this problem went away.

An added plus of Miracol 9 is that it contains potent antioxidants that are beneficial to health. I rest easy now knowing that both my health and beauty needs are being taken care of by Miracol 9. I highly recommend Miracol 9 to everyone who is looking for a beauty and wellness supplement and I can say from experience that it truly delivers on its promises."

Senior writer of local major publication
Cindy Yeoh


I always have interest in anti-aging, fitness and health supplement products. This is because I want to improve my skin as I have dry skin, open pores, oily and saggy skin. Also, I often feel tired and lack of energy. I have seen Miracol 9 advertisements in The Star newspaper a few times and what interest me was their tag line ‘ Your skin becomes more radiant, younger and firmer!’ Thus, I bought a box of Miracol 9 15 sachets to try.

After consuming Miracol 9 for 3 consecutive days, I can see my skin fairer. And after 1 week, my face is less oily and I feel more energetic. I bought another Miracol 9 60 sachets after my 1st box has finished. I continued consuming Miracol 9 every day in the morning before breakfast and sometimes I take 2 sachets in a day. After more than 1 month, I noticed my skin is more firmed and glowing. And I don’t feel as tired as before.

Because of my confidence in Miracol 9, I have recommended to my father and will recommend to my friends as well. Thank you CellLabs.

Sharika Fauzi, 39 


I have been tortured by a skin disease for 10 years. Every part of my skin was flawed. It was itchy everywhere and my skin was oozing liquid. When I just could not bear it anymore, I would scratch like mad until my skin bleed. It was pure agony. I had to refrain from eating seafood like prawns, crabs, squids etc. The consequence would be dire if I accidentally took some seafood. In those difficult days, I had to rely on my mother to bathe and get dressed. I was so helpless that I became melancholic. I saw a lot of skin specialists, but they could not help me. complexion has become more even and radiant. 

So I switched gear over time. I began to turn to health food supplements from direct selling companies. I tried different products from various companies, but there was little improvement. So I consulted a pharmacist, hoping that she would be able to recommend some products that could cure my skin disease. She recommended collagen, hoping to see my skin reborn or some improvement. I took 6 tubs but did not see any effects. I was desperate for a cure then, so I turned to sheep placenta, but there were so many brands in the market that I eventually decided to call CellLabs for further information.

I have been taking one capsule of CellLabs Sheep Placenta a day since 16th February 2012. Lo and behold, the scratch marks on my skin began to recover after one week! I was so happy! My husband was amazed by the improvement too. Apart from that, I tried to eat some seafood, for which I had refrained for a long time, and there were no allergic reaction at all. My skin is really reborn! People around me notice the difference in me too—my used-to-be-dry-and-scarred skin has turned radiant, fair and smooth. Now my family members are following my footstep by taking CellLabs products. How can I ever thank CellLabs Sheep Placenta, which has made my skin healthy and radiant again. I would strongly recommend it to people with allergic skin. Be brave. Try it!

Mandy Tham, 30 (Female)


I am a 48 years old male stroke patient. In Sep 1997, at 33 years old,

I suffered a massive stroke due to AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation)
– A defect in blood vessels that causes brain haemorrhage.
I went through a massive brain operation and survived the attack. Through lots of hard work, I have regained a fair bit of movement and am able to walk again. However, the after stroke has affected the movement of my left arm.

Due to lack of movement and poor blood circulation, my left arm often become stiff and I suffered severe pain especially in the early morning. Due to stroke, the left part of my body has also lost its normal skeletal muscle tone and that adds stiffness and pain to the body.

I started consume CellLabs Sheep Placenta in late 2011. After 3 months of consumption, I notice good improvements to my skeletal muscle tone. The muscle is “more relaxed” and the stiffness is reduced. I can sleep better at night and do not feel so much pain in the morning.

In the next 2 months of consumption, I feel much better with more energy and alertness. I also feel tingling sensation on my left arm from time to time and I guess the supplement is working in repairing the body. Although I have not regained mobility of my left arm yet, the relaxation of my muscle tone has given me the chance to practice movement that I was not able to do before. While I am now able to lift my left arm straight as I don’t have so much pain on my left shoulder anymore, I am now slowly and patiently trying to train my finger to respond to my will.

Although the improvements mentioned above may seem little in the eyes of the ordinary public, as a stroke patient, these are marvellous improvements and I will continue to consume CellLabs Sheep Placenta and try my best to regain control of my body.

Edmond Lim, 48 (Male)


I have noticed a definite change on my skin health after taking CellLabs Sheep Placenta for 3 months. It looks firmer & flawless. Most of my friends told me that I am getting fairer, and look younger than my age. I felt energetic to start my work even without morning coffee.

I would definitely to recommend this best anti-ageing product to my friends & family.

Vivienn Lee 

I never used to listen to my skin but it's like being hungry. My laugh lines are visibly reduced and my skin tone has evened up after 2 weeks of consumption Miracol 9. There’s a glow to my complexion. Makeup sits nicely on my skin after application. I would say that I dare venture out without make up. My skin texture is noticeably firmer, and suppler even!

This is the first trial with Miracol 9, but I guaranteed that it won’t be the last.

Jess Wong 

I used to feel tired and lethargy all the time because of my work requirements and also age is catching fast. And whenever I go shopping, I will need to rest after 2 -3 hours of walking. But now, I can shop 5 -6 hours without resting!

I came to know about CellLabs Sheep Placenta in year 2012, during CellLabs Roadshow in One Utama, Bandar Utama. At that time, I was recommended to consume Sheep Placenta 6,000mg. After 6 months of consuming, I start to notice the difference in my stamina and energy level. I feel more energetic and don’t feel tired easily.

After a few months on Sheep Placenta 6,000mg, I decided to upgrade to Sheep Placenta Forte Plus which I believe will be much better for me. With the confidence and improvements I notice in myself, I have been recommending my friends and family members to take CellLabs Sheep Placenta. 


Mr Tee Hon Seng, 54 years old

I was introduced by Dr Ho (A gynae from Pantai Hospital) to take EzyFemin-100. I always get disrupted sleep. I encountered peri menopause symptoms lately where I felt sudden warmth and heat in the body. It is hot flushes. Taken as directed, 1 sachet a day of EzyFemin has tremendously made my days difference! I sleep soundly even with the 1st trial! Now, my hot flush are rare and totally manageable. 

I'm grateful for EzyFemin-100, Menopause is no longer a havoc. Regain your feminity easily with EasyFemin-100!

Mandy Mun, 46 years old, Medical Nurse  

Testimonials from a Group of Medical Professionals 


 "Miracol has really helped my hair doesn’t drop anymore. If not, each time I washed, a huge bundle of hair will be on the toilet floor."

GP from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL  

"After taking 40 plus sachets of Miracol, my face is now brighter and more radiant. Even my friends from the gym notice the difference."

GP from Klang

"After taking 2 bottles of Sheep Placenta Forte, I notice that I don’t feel so tired anymore as of late."

GP from Subang Jaya

"There is this one patient who, after taking 3 bottles of SUPA, went for a blood test, and notice a reduction in his TG and Total Cholesterol without statins. This is probably due to the Astaxanthin and Lycopene content. I will be repeating soon."

GP from Shah Alam

"My daughter’s TG level showed some reduction after the 1st bottle of SUPA 30s (dosage was 2 a day without statins) and that more energy was felt as well."

GP from Klang 

"There is one of my patient has taken SUPA Omega-3 for 4 months at once daily dosing. The patient had recently gone to a medical checkup with a cardiologist and the result showed that the plaque in the vessel has been cleared. I will definitely advise my patient to continue with this amazing product."

GP from Shah Alam 

"My dad took SK2 omega 2 capsules a day for 2 weeks, and noticed a tremendous reduced joints and elbow pain."

GP from Puchong

"Deciding to take your GI Flora was probably a wise decision because I notice my bowel is more regular now."

Physician from Klang

"GI Flora works effectively for diarrhea hence, I am now prescribing for such indication in children."         

Paediatrician from Puchong

"There was this 5 years old boy had gone to see 2 other clinics before her for GI problems and high fever, and didn’t recover for 2 weeks. And then the boy’s parents took him to see her, and she prescribe GI Flora for 7 days by giving 2 capsules per day, and the boy recovered slightly from his high fever the very next day, and then fully recovered by the end of the 3rd day"

GP from Puchong 

"I put your GI Flora on one patient with gastric problems and after taking 2 capsules daily for a few days, the patient came back to say that the product has helped to reduce her gastric pain"

Medical Officer at DEMC 

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