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Luminiel Y – LED Patch for Feminine Y Zone Care

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Benefits of this product:

  •   Rejuvenates the Y-zone
  •   Reduces Vaginal Thrush 
  •   Improves Vaginal Dryness & Discomfort
  •   Removes Odor, Discharge, and Itchiness
  •   Naturally Whitens Y-zone
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Regain Your


& Soar Higher

Know that you’re not alone.

1 in 3

Woman Experience Vaginal Dryness*

Up to 75%

Women Experience Vaginal Infections*

Up to 45%

Women Experience Vaginal Discomforts*

We’re here for you. Say goodbye to vaginal discomforts and
start living your life the way you want it with
Luminiel Y.


The Beauty Device for Your Feminine Care

Clinically Tested Effectiveness

Luminiel Y icon for 62% reduced vaginal infections.
Luminiel Y icon for 38.5% improved skin elasticity.
Luminiel Y icon for 14% reduced vaginal odour.
Luminiel Y icon for 19% improved collagen production.
Luminiel Y icon for 11% reduced ammonia level.
Luminiel Y icon for 19.5% improved skin hydration.

*Based on the combined clinical results of regeneration, whitening, and odor reduction rates verified by professional medical institutions. Clinical tests were conducted at Catholic Kwandong University International St. Mary’s Hospital.

20-mins Daily for 21 Days

An Improved Quality of Life

Image of cracked skin as icon for vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Dryness

Reduces vaginal dryness by naturally stimulating hydration.
Image of different bacteria as icon for vaginal infections.

Vaginal Infections

Reduce the risk of recurring vaginal infections.
Image of red glowing light on brown circle as icon for skin inflammation.

Vaginal Inflammations

Naturally soothes inflammation.
Image of green smoke as icon for vaginal odour.

Vaginal Odour

Effectively eliminates bad odour caused by infections.
Image of scratches on skin as icon for vaginal itchiness.

Vaginal Itchiness

Eliminate infections that cause itchiness.
Image of coloured patches in shades of brown as icon for skin whitening.

Skin Whitening

Whitens skin tone  naturally after waxing.
Image of skin cross section with sparkles as icon for skin elasticity.

Skin Elasticity

Stimulates collagen production for vaginal elasticity.

Almost Magical

The Wonders of LED Therapy for Y Zone

LED therapy is a wonderful treatment that can naturally tackle the Y zone’s distressing concerns. Using various wavelengths of light can help you achieve healthy and hydrated skin effortlessly.

Front and back image of Luminiel Y LED Therapy Y Zone Beauty Device.

Red – A Fierce Booster
A 630nm pulse helps treat your vaginal dryness by stimulating collagen production for elasticity and hydration.

Blue – A Cool Protector
A 460nm pulse reduces Y zone odor by fighting unfavorable bacteria and yeast.

Amber – A Warming Light
A 595nm pulse helps heal your skin by reducing itchiness, dryness, and provide natural whitening.

Dermatology-level Treatment

In the Comfort of Your Home


Comfortable Wear
A thin, panty liner design made from soft medical grade silicone for maximum comfort.

Portable & Reusable
Carry it anywhere in our complimentary pouch and reuse it after a simple wash.

Wireless & Easy Charge
The LED indicator tells you when to recharge, and the wireless in-use design is easy to wear.

Image of a woman lying comfortably on a rattan sofa bed.

As Easy as 1-2-3

Image of Luminiel Y battery pack in grey and the full configuration.

Snap the Pack

Snap your battery pack onto the silicone lining after charging. Your Luminiel Y needs charging when the pack blinks red.

Image of Luminiel Y battery pack with pink glow to indicate pressing and the lit up lining pad.

Switch It On

Press the flower-shaped button on the battery pack until the lining lights up, then line it across the crotch of your panties.

Image of a pair of panties with the Luminiel Y lit up across the crotch area.

Get Comfortable

Wear it with your panties for 20 minutes. Lay back, relax, or do your favourite things and let it do its job.

Need extra help? Watch the full demo.


What’s in the Box

Product Specifications

Image of Luminiel Y product specifications table.

Awards & Certifications



Established in 2004, LinkOptics is a Korean-based “High Tech Company” specializing in medical care products. As a corporation, LinkOptics is dedicated to providing patented, safe, and clinically proven medical care devices. 

LinkOptics is recognized as a “high-tech company” with “anti-aging solution technology using photonics” by the Korean government. It is known for its contributions towards localizing and conducting some of the largest low-level laser therapy (LLT) clinical trials in Korea’s medical field.

Development Team

Image of Prof. Kim Soo-Rim, research lead for Luminiel Y.

Research Lead

Prof. Kim Soo-Rim

(Catholic International St. Mary’s Hospital)

Professional Career

  • Research professor at Catholic Kwandong University International St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Ob-Gyn Department Chair at the Royal Hospital of Sharjah in the UAE
Image of Prof. Seong Seung-yong, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Seong Seung-yong

Research Associate

Image of Prof. Im Won-bong, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Im Won-bong

Research Associate

Image of Prof. Prof. Kim Yeon-Ju, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Kim Yeon-Ju

Research Associate

Image of Prof. Lee Ji-Beom, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Lee Ji-Beom

Research Associate

Image of Prof. Kim Tae-jong, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Kim Tae-jong

Research Associate

Image of Prof. Kim Bo-Wook, development team for Luminiel Y.

Prof. Kim Bo-Wook

Research Associate

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Luminiel Y is safe to use. Multiple government agencies, including the FDA, approve it. Luminiel Y has been created and developed by a Korean award-winning company, LinkOptics, with a team of professional medical staff. It has also undergone multiple preclinical and clinical studies with proven results.

No, the LED lights from Luminiel Y will not burn your skin. The maximum temperature for Luminiel Y is 32°C (based on the normal room temperature of 24°C). We advise you to use it within the recommended time period.

Luminiel Y is a completely reusable product with proven clinical studies. Most feminine hygiene products in the market are disposable, with minimal, even zero, clinical studies.

With consistent daily use, you can see the results as soon as two weeks, but this also depends on your existing health conditions. Someone who has no apparent vaginal issues or has a more complex issue may need more time.

While we have observed no discoloration after two years of use, even during menses, we highly recommend you quickly wash the lining pad after using it if there are blood stains. It is best to use it after menses for better hygiene and usability.

Ladies of all ages can use Luminiel Y, and we highly recommend it to adults over 20. While there are no clinical studies that show any effects of LED therapy on the fetus, we highly advise pregnant ladies to refrain from using our product until your delivery just to be safe. 

If you have any existing health conditions, especially those affecting your vagina, we advise you to check with your specialist.

When your Luminiel Y needs charging, you will notice a red blinking light on your battery pack. Simply charge the battery pack using the USB charging cable provided to you. Your Luminiel Y is fully charged when your battery park lights up in blue.

Remember that the initial charge will take around four (4) hours, and subsequent charging will take about two (2) hours.

You can use the device up to four (4) times after each full charge. 

Need extra help? Watch the full demo.

After each use, simply disconnect the battery pack from your silicone lining and run the lining under running water. After, thoroughly dry the lining with a clean tissue or cloth.

Need extra help? Watch the full demo.

Yes, Luminiel Y does come with a product warranty. You can simply fill out the form and upload an image of your order invoice and receipt.

Our warranty lasts for one (1) year after the date of purchase. The warranty covers factory and manufacturing defects of the device or any parts of it (e.g. LED diodes, torn linings, etc.). It does not cover accidental damage due to negligence, natural disasters, or wear and tear.

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