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CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA – Premium Sheep Placenta


Benefits of this product:

  •   Promotes general well-being
  •   Potent anti-aging properties
  •   Balances hormone
  •   Improves physical vitality
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Product Feature  

Reinvigorating your youth and vitality with our patented formulation.

120:1 extraction ratio, the highest in the market

30,000mg optimum dosage per capsule

High absorption with enteric coating

7 in 1 formulation for potent anti-aging benefits

Allows cell protection, repair, and regeneration

Repairs damaged tissues and organs for better health

Revitalizes youth by stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production

Improves the endocrine system by stimulating HGH production for hormone balance

Why Cell Therapy?

Cells are the foundation of our biological structure. Sheep placenta supplement is rich in active growth factors, which help protect, repair, and regenerate our cells. Healthy cells lead to healthy tissues and organs that translate to better overall health.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
1 capsule
Ovine Placenta Powder Extract (120:1)
(Equivalent to Fresh Sheep Placenta 30,000mg)
Avocado Oil
Silk Amino Acid
Lycopene Oil 10%
Aloe Vera Powder (200:1)
Encapsulating Aids and Colouring Aids
*Source of gelatin: Bovine
*Ovine Placenta Extract, Fish Collagen and Silk Amino Acid Acid are derived from animal parts.
Recommended Daily Intake: Take one (1) capsule daily before breakfast.

Product of New Zealand

Patented 7 in 1 Formulation

Sheep Placenta logo

Fresh Sheep Placenta

High in active growth factors, antioxidants, and nutrients for cell therapy.

Avocado Oil logo

Avocado Oil

Contains oleic acid, lutein, and essential fatty acids that help reduce the risks for chronic diseases.

Silk Amino Acid logo

Silk Amino Acid

Contains Sericin which acts as a natural moisturizer and helps boost collagen production.

Marine Collagen Fish logo

Marine Collagen

Contains collagen from marine animals to support skin, hair, and nail health.

Lycopene Tomato logo


Contains carotenoid antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health and provide skin protection.

Astaxanthin Algae logo


Contains powerful antioxidants that help protect the cells from free radicals for better immunity.

Icon of aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Powder

Contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and other compounds for skin repair and optimal health.


Curated testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Sheep Placenta Capsules
Why Enteric Coated Softgel Capsule?
Enteric coating is proven to resist stomach acid and only dissolve fully in the small intestine for better nutrients absorptions. Gives optimum results and allows preserved stem cells to remain effective for up to four (4) years.

The Ultimate Anti-aging Solution

Image of CellLabs ReverAge Direct NMN Supplement product box.

CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA + CellLabs® ReverAge™

CellLabs® ReverAge™ is our latest supplement featuring Uthever™ direct NMN for DNA repair. The combined benefits of CellLabs® ReverAge™ and CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA will give you robust anti-aging benefits. Look and feel young now!

Frequently Asked Questions

CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus features the highest extraction ratio in the market at 120:1. Our 250mg Sheep Placenta Powder Extract per capsule is equivalent to 30,000mg, the optimum daily dosage for sheep placenta supplements. It also has a high extraction ratio, giving a smaller nutrient size for better absorption and faster results – as early as one (1) week.

Each sheep placenta capsule also contains seven (7) unique, patented ingredient formulations that rejuvenate and revitalize your body. You can now experience its anti-aging and cell therapy effects better inside out.

You can expect anti-aging benefits for both your skin and body, such as; better sleep, more energy, reduced fine lines, smoother skin, softer skin, boosted libido, and fertility. CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus is the best option for anti-aging and hormone balance.

Results may vary, but generally, our customers start noticing results after two (2) weeks of routine use. You are recommended to use the products for around two (2) to six (6) months for better, long-lasting results.

Everyone aged 35 and above can take CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus, including breastfeeding moms. While no study shows any harm to pregnant ladies, cancer patients, or cancer survivors, we recommend you check in with your doctor before consuming any supplements.

You can take CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus with most medications except hormone-based drugs. We advise you to avoid taking diuretic agents (alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.) within two hours after your daily dose. Please avoid taking detox supplements within two (2) hours as it will affect the product’s nutrient absorption.

CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus is the best option for individuals aged 35 years and older because of its high dosage and extraction ratio. If you are below 35 years of age, we recommend starting with;

… and scale up as you age and experience monumental hormonal shifts such as menopause to either of these;

No, CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Plus should not have any adverse side effects. If you are experiencing discomfort, we recommend you refer your doctor or nutritionist. You can also contact us directly so we can assist you.

For more info about sheep placenta side effects and misconceptions, feel free to read our blog

Both sheep and deer placenta have a high bioavailability, so the difference is in the dosage. Sheep placenta products have a higher permissible dosage and extraction ratio. This lets you feel the effects faster. 

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