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CellLabs<sup>®</sup> Ezy Block Premium Vegan For Detox, Weight Loss, Fat Burn 30 sachets


Benefits of this product:

  •  Manages Appetite
  •  Balances body fat ratio
  •  Increases metabolism
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Relieves constipation

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Worry No More with Revolutionary Fat Blocker

CellLabs Ezy Block™ is specially formulated to counteract the overweight problems caused by excessive fat intake from foods. When it comes to weight loss, number on the weighing scale is not the best way to measure progress. CellLabs Ezy Block™ aim to reduce body fat, the main indicator of body health.
On your journey to achieve ideal body weight, CellLabs Ezy Block™ reduces fat and calories intake from foods. Synergistic action of natural plant-based ingredients also effectively breaks down stubborn fat around the belly, hips, waist, thigh, and visceral fat surrounding internal organs.

Direction: Take 1 – 2 sachets daily. Mix with 200 ml of chilled water and consume immediately

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