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CellLabs Placenta Forte Plus 30,000mg Instant Anti-Aging High Antioxidant 30’s + 30’s


Benefits of this product:

  •   Instant Anti-Aging effect in 7 days
  •  Rich Antioxidant Grape Seed Oil
  •  Powerful Anti-Inflammation + Skin Hydration
  •  Repair & rejuvenates cells
  • Speed Up Wound Healing
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Instantly Youth Restoration With SP Forte Plus

Needing instant anti-aging effects and need it now?

Meet Placenta Forte Plus, containing state-of-the-art enteric-coated capsules that are fully researched, developed, and manufactured in New Zealand.

Tailor-made for those seeking stronger and faster results, CellLabs Placenta Forte Plus is touted as the best anti-aging supplement because of its high contents of 600mg of sheep placenta extracted from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta (50:1) per capsule.

It also contains the antioxidant Grape Seed Oil and a natural organic compound derived from the livers of deep-water sharks called Squalene known to boost the immune system. The blend of these ingredients with sheep placenta growth factors creates the perfect anti-aging & cellular rejuvenating oral supplement with added strength for enduring beauty and health.

Direction: 1 capsule before meals.

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