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CellLabs ProbiDefendum Probiotics Immune Booster, Relief Common Cold – 30 sachets


Benefits of this product:

  •  Enhance immune defense against infections
  •  Reduce the severity of common cold symptoms
  •  Reduce number of sick days
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Improve Immune Functions with Healthier System


How are Probiotics supposed to Improve Common Cold Symptoms?

Not all probiotics are equally effective hence the experts concluded that the efficacy of probiotics is both strain-specific and disease-specific. With the technologically advanced Swedish concept, Probi Defendum has been developed to defend you against common cold and support immune system.

But how does work in improving your inner system and immune system overall?

  • It enhances the absorption of nutrients and vitamins
  • Reduces the symptoms of common cold symptoms
  • Enhances the defense mechanism of the body

CellLabs ProbiDefendum® is specially formulated to enhance immune defense against virus infection during common colds. It is clinically effective even at a low dosage of 1 billion CFU per day. Whereas other probiotics required a high dosage to provide similar immune enhancement.

Directions: Take 1 capsule before meals.

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