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CellLabs SK 2 Omega 3 Krill & Seal Oil 1000mg,2x Effective than Fish Oil


Benefits of this product:

  •   Enhance cardiovascular functions
  •  Increase good cholesterol (HDL) 
  •  Improves liver function
  •  Increases memory & focus
  •  Balances blood sugar level
  •  Relief pain and inflammation
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48x Antioxidant Potency with DPA & EPA, DHA

Why DPA is so important?
Why is SK2 Omega more advanced than the usual OMEGA-3 ?

Canadian harp seal and Antarctic krill, now combined into one solution – CellLabs SK 2 Omega with two rich sources of OMEGA-3 and Astaxanthin. With the addition of DPA in the seal oil, Omega-3 is absorbed 10 to 20x more effectively! Krill oil OMEGA-3 provides phospholipids that help efficiently deliver DPA, EPA, and DHA directly into our cells enriching our health!

Directions: 1 capsule before breakfast

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