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CellLabs® Ultimate Anti-aging Solution


Benefits of this product:

  •   Balance Hormone
  •   Repair DNA 
  •   Reduce Signs of Aging
  •   Prevent Age-related Diseases

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Unlock the Secrets to Longevity & Forever Youth 

Complete cellular repair, regeneration, and protection.

Stimulates DNA repair and longevity mechanisms.

Balances hormones and tackles hormone-related issues.

Reverses and slows down the aging process for a youthful look.

Why You Age

Aging is a lifelong, natural process that you will experience, and it happens on a cellular level. It can be affected by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Your ability to repair and regenerate your cells decreases over time. Plus, your body also naturally stops producing certain hormones that allow your cells to function properly. This affects your organ’s function, general health condition, and overall appearance.

The Ultimate Anti-aging Solution

To effectively reverse aging and help regain your youth, our anti-aging solution tackles aging on a cellular level. It is the first to combine anti-aging therapy that works on two levels: hormone balancing and DNA repair.

An intersecting chart on the combined benefits of CellLabs CLASSaaNTA and CellLabs ReverAge.

CellLabs Ultimate Anti-aging Solution provides the best anti-aging effect by combining the high potency of sheep placenta and direct NMN.

A Class of Its Own – CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Premium Sheep Placenta

Product image of CellLabs CLASSaaNTA sheep placenta supplement.

✦  30,000mg, Highest Optimum Dosage ✦

✦  120:1 High Extraction Ratio ✦

✦  7-in-1 Synergistic Formulation ✦

✦  Fast Absorption ✦

✦  1,000+ Positive Reviews ✦

CellLabs® CLASSaaNTAOther Brands
30,000mg, Optimum DosageLess than 30,000mg
120:1, High Extraction RatioLess than 120:1
Fast-acting due to High Dosage & Extraction RatioSlow Results due to Lower Dosage & Extraction Ratio

World’s Best NAD+ Booster – CellLabs® ReverAge™ Direct NMN Formulation

Image of CellLabs ReverAge Direct NMN Supplement product box.

✦  Uthever™ NMN ✦

✦  Direct NAD+ Booster ✦

✦  Increase NAD+ by 38% ✦

✦  > 99% Purity ✦

✦  300mg Optimum Dosage ✦

✦  Proven Human Clinical Trial ✦

CellLabs® ReverAge™

Other Brands
Direct NAD+ BoosterIndirect NAD+ Boosters – Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, NR, NAM
Undergoes Human Clinical TrialOnly Preclinical Studies
Contains Added Catalyst (Green Tea ECGC)Does Not Contain Added Catalyst
Highest Optimum Dosage (300mg)Sub-dosage (Requires 2 Servings)

The Combined Benefits of CellLabs® Ultimate Anti-aging Solution

✦ Repairs DNA

✦ Boosts Energy & Metabolism

✦ Slows Down Aging Symptoms

✦ Prevents High Blood Pressure

✦ Improves Blood Flow

✦ Increases Insulin Sensitivity

✦ Improves Glucose Profile

✦ Improves Lipid Profile

✦ Promotes Fat Burning

✦ Improves Brain Health

✦ Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s

✦ Improves Mood & Sleep

✦ Boosts Stamina & Vitality

✦ Balances Hormones

✦ Reduces Inflammation

✦ Improves Skin Appearance

TWO is Better than ONE for a SYNERGISTIC Anti-aging Solution

#CLCliques Testimonials

Take a moment to read or listen to what our customers have to say about our robust combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal anti-aging results, consume CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA and CellLabs® ReverAge™ together. CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA balances hormones, repairs cells, and promotes regeneration. CellLabs® ReverAge™ repairs DNA, supports cell longevity, and boosts energy. Taking both helps reverse your body’s age better and faster.

We highly recommend taking both supplements in the morning, preferably with an empty stomach. Both supplements help boost your energy levels.

Our recommended dosage for CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA is one (1) capsule daily and one (1) sachet daily for CellLabs® ReverAge™. Take both on an empty stomach and avoid caffeine or detox for at least one hour.

Results may vary, but you can usually feel the difference in two (2) weeks. Take both CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA and CellLabs® ReverAge™ daily for long-term benefits.

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