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We believe in giving you the best products that suit your need – that’s why your voice matters. Introducing Tarita, one of our lovely customers. She has been taking our premium CellLabs CLASSaaNTA for almost a month before giving us her honest reviews. We have faith in our products, but don’t just take our word for it – listen to what Tarita has to say.
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  • Tarita, 43, Kuala Lumpur


    The first 2 weeks of consuming, I noticed increased in the hydration & moisture level of my skin! I also noticed increased in my energy! I'm planning to continue consuming this for the rest of my life! I never really see any sheep placenta supplement that can give me such a big differences in such a short span of time!

  • Sandy, 31, Negeri Sembilan


    After consuming Classaanta, my sleep quality improved. The dark circles also started fading away, and my skin is more firm and supple now!

  • Priyangaa, 23, Selangor


    I have been using GlutaPlus for 1 month now it has worked wonders for my skin. Within just 2 weeks, my skin has become even, and dark spots are slowly fading away.

  • Fatin, 32, Pahang


    After a month, my skin is more moisturized, my pores are smaller, and my skin seems smoother with a brighter skin tone.

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